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Fund Managers in recent years have increasingly changed around their portfolios. We feel this is partly due to increased scrutiny and competition but change for change's sake is rarely good. That said, we look to re-balance our clients investments when it's appropriate to act. This might be a change of risk tolerance or simply that we see better opportunities with different investments or alternative weights. Apart from an awareness of what you have, it's important to freshen a portfolio and move forward with the prime objective of building wealth.

Whatever markets do, rise or fall - charges really do matter, it's far more accentuated though in falling markets. We typically blend passive and active investments, a strategy to achieve performance at a fair price. Use of 'smart beta' is also an active strategic play and such investments aim to achieve near active performance at a cost at or around charges more aligned with index-trackers.

Investors can acquire lots of fund information from fact sheets and prospectuses. But it's the information we typically receive from fund managers and their teams that is not in the written from that can make the difference. This is for example an insight into the fund manager’s current thinking and some more immediate impacts on fund performance that take a while to reach the public domain in the written form.

In uncertain times it's all too easy for investors to make mistakes, emotion can drive irrational decision making. Markets can move at break-neck speed, difficult to see a floor and sometimes only in retrospect may we see a clear picture. Rarely is it right to buy the dips, but when markets move quickly so we enter into swift dialogue to ensure you understand what it means to your portfolio and where the value is.

A very individual approach to each portfolio. For example, a taxed portfolio holding equities may work alongside a tax-relieved portfolio (eg. ISA) in terms of maximising allowances. Also, a higher rate taxpayer may benefit from taking income in a particular order, perhaps from the taxable account first, rather than equally across both accounts. Finally, utilising personal and capital gains tax allowances each year and as applicable will also provide an ultimately better return.


Of course some of the above may not apply, but we're confident a lot will. In addition to these points of value there is of course a lot that moves behind the scenes. Service from many investment providers has deteriorated in recent years and there are many reasons for this, beyond the scope of this document. What you may have evidenced or will do in the future is that we take away the stress by strong intermediation with these companies, allowing you to get on with things you enjoy. In short this blended with the 5 areas above offers the added value you should be looking to see from any investment adviser and we hope we have given you some solid reasons to choose us.

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